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Art Director, Founder

Eugene Zhukov


Since 2012, I professionally help startups to prepare for crowdfunding. During this period of time, with my help, over 100 projects came to the Kickstarter. Some of my clients allowed me to mention their campaigns in this web portfolio.

In addition, I can also show the following projects: 

Furthermore, some of my clients launched several crowdfunding campaigns, with my help. For example: 

In addition, there were projects where I did only part of the work. For example, in this project:–4/x/9381927#/  

My part of work was the global change of USP and the change of emphasis of the campaign

Finally, I have clients who are not related to crowdfunding, for example, MEL Science

At the moment, they have raised $ 11M in total from several funds and investors. We cooperated for 2 years – I was responsible for the American marketing of their product. The result of my work: 98% of the product sales today are sales in the USA.

The main areas of my expertise:

– Computer and board games (I have worked in the gaming industry for over 20 years)
– Gadgets (Wearables, IoT, Smart Home Automation, etc.)
– Drones
– Robotics
– Small personal vehicles (bicycles, scooters, skateboards) and their accessories
– Toys and constructors made of wood
– STEM, Educational projects

There also kind of projects I’m not ready to undertake in relations to crowdfunding:

– Any B2B projects
– Cryptocurrency, ICO, blockchain, fin. Services
– Loyalty systems, discount systems, any online services
– Mobile applications, including mobile games
– Local projects outside the United States (all sorts of museums, children’s clubs, theater performances)
– Charity projects – any!
– Political projects, or projects in which politics is present in any form