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Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Video, Video Games


A crazy and dangerous adventure in the post-apocalyptic Soviet Russia.


  • Branding and Saleable story formation
  • PR & marketing strategy
  • Project presentation structuring
  • Graphics style and visual design
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Balance of rewards




  • Backers relation
  • Post-Kickstarter consulting

Funded: $33,521 of $15,000 (223% of goal)
Launched on GOG and Steam

Platform: Kickstarter
Category: Video Games
Dates: Apr 18th -> Jun 2nd (46 days), 2017

Backers: 1132
Average Pledge Per Backer: $30

Project By: Atom Team

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About the project:

The deterioration in relations between Eastern and Western blocs in 1979 has led to a full-blown Armageddon between nuclear powers in the year 1986. The War was swift, devastating and brutal… The fact that humanity persevered was miraculous.

Nineteen years have passed and it’s 2005. Both once-great Empires and their allies now lie in ruins, but on top of those ruins, new civilizations are slowly emerging…

This story takes place on a small patch of land in the south part of the USSR where you take the role of an undercover operative from a secret bunker society called ATOM… Your mission is to find any traces of an expedition that recently stopped contacting the main base…

Via Atom Team