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Selfie App

Real app that makes Fake Selfies! Change your selfie background, lighting and geotag in 3 clicks.


  • Branding and Saleable story formation
  • PR & marketing strategy
  • Project presentation structuring
  • Graphics style and visual design
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Balance of rewards




  • Backers relation
  • Post-Kickstarter consulting

Funded: $21,238 of $20,000 (106% of goal)
Launched on GOG and Steam

Platform: IndieGoGo
Category: Mobile Software
Dates: May 25th -> Jun 26th (31 days), 2015

Backers: 141
Average Pledge Per Backer: $150

Project By: SelfieApp, Inc.

About the project:

SelfieApp is an app for iOS & Android that allows you to be in many places at the same time. Or at least to make everyone believe that

It replaces the background of your selfie automatically with almost human accuracy, doesn’t require special skills or backcloth, and uses built-in data to make a flawless Fake Selfie.

So you can show up at the world’s most beautiful showplaces without leaving home.

Just select a popular showplace as a background, take a selfie – hocus pocus – you get a mind-blowing plausible fake and spoof your buddies. All in 3 clicks!

Via SelfieApp, Inc.