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MEL Science, $11M Raised

Science experiments for kids, delivered to your door



Funded: $11 000 000 (VC Investment)
Launched: Nov 2015

Project By:MEL Science Team

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About the project:

MEL Chemistry is a subscription service that offers monthly delivery of safe chemistry experiments for kids. The subscription will be interesting for those who want their child to get a touch on real science and for homeschoolers who don’t get access to school labs.

MEL Science team has done a great job searching for the most interesting and safe chemistry experiments. All the ingredients and instructions are shipped to your door in fancy science kits. In the first month of subscription, you receive a free Starter Kit, which includes chemistry equipment, safety glasses, smartphone holder, macro lens and VR headset. Each month subscriber receives from 5 to 6 exciting experiments, the subscription lasts 18 months.

In addition to real experiments there ar VR lessons. MEL Chemistry VR lessons are aligned with the school chemistry curriculum, covering all of its main topics. Difficult chemistry concepts are easily explained – the ability to interact with educational material builds up solid knowledge and long term memory. One lesson is 3-7 minutes long and is easily integrated into the classic lesson flow, just making the subject more visual and comprehensive.

Via MEL Science Team