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Windows Blinds Automation


  • Branding and Saleable story formation
  • PR & marketing strategy
  • Project presentation structuring
  • Graphics style and visual design
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Balance of rewards




  • Backers relation
  • Post-Kickstarter consulting

Funded: $93,471 of $50,000 (186% of goal)

Platform: Kickstarter
Category: Gadgets
Dates: Mar 29th -> May 13th (46 days), 2016

Backers: 619
Average Pledge Per Backer: $151

Project By: Jalousier, Inc.

About the project:

FlipFlic™ is the smart blinds controller that automates ordinary window blinds in seconds and with no tools. It fills the gap offering a smart, easy-to-install, affordable solution for window coverings. Set it and forget it!

The FlipFlic fits in nicely with the competition, undercutting the expensive smart shades, and competing well with other retrofit options. And although it’s a Kickstarter project, the device has already gone through multiple iterations and has a pretty solid prototype.

Easy 3 Steps Installation

The installation of FlipFlic takes seconds. In one click, the small device about the size of a roll of quarters attaches to your window blinds magnetically. No tools needed!


FlipFlic is absolutely autonomous. It has a built-in battery, recharged via micro USB with a solar panel. There is no need for power outlets or battery replacements.

Via Jalousier, Inc.