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Full Cycle Consulting To Prepare Your Kickstarter Campaign To Get Funded

What is the best time to launch and to finish the campaign ? What are good and bad factors you must respect planning your campaign? How to build a well-selling presentation? How to deal with press media? How to get a large public exposure? Every project starter is facing all such questions in rlation to his kickstarter campaign.
We provide a full cycle of consulting helping you to avoid the most common issues, and to leting you be more flexible and creative during your crowdfunding campaign.




Creative Direction


Visual Design


Digital Marketing


Problems Solving


Does your brand name sound good? Are there other competitive trademarks in your industry? What is a bright and saleable domain? Who you are in backers’ eyes? What are they ready to pay for?

  • Brand Analysis
  • Product Naming Testing
  • Brand Identity Improvement
  • Trade Mark & Web Domain Check
  • Saleable Story Formation


What is a first thing the backer recognizes watching your project page? What do you sell exactly? How long it takes to get decision to pledge? What is a persuasive content, emotional design and which are 7 lessons Apple can teach us about both?

  • Best Selling Structure Building
  • Attractive Graphical Design Creation
  • Pitch, Details, Rewards, Team Overview
  • Critical Points Detection
  • Risks & Challenges Spec.


What is a difference between the teaser and the kickstarter video? Where must be presenting, narrative, hooking parts, and the call to action there in your video? Reporter’s camera vs. amateur’s video vs. luxury fashion style – what is better for your project? How long it takes to make decision to pledge?

  • Best Structure of the Video
  • Scenario or Story? We Show vs. We Sell
  • Critical Points of the Video


How to calculate well balanced price of rewards? How to form the sale pipeline? How many of tiers is enough? How to focus backers onto the most desired tiers? Where to order additional misc production? How to calculate the shipment price? How to manage packaging and delivery to backers

  • Motivation Basics
  • Balance Spreadsheet
  • Shipment & Delivery
  • Misc Production


How does the media press work? How to collect targeted contacts? How to deal with journalists? What PR strategy is giving better result? How to create an attractive press-release? Is it enough just to spam press? How to become a friend of journalists? When to start your media campaign?

  • Media Contact List
  • 3 Types of Press-releases
  • Media Outreach Campaign
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing


What are the best dates to launch and to finish the campaign (season, day of the week, period of time)? Which factors you must respect planning these dates? Which boosting strategies there are? How to deal with updates, which days of the week are better to post updates? How to involve the backers’ community into the viral activity? How to deal with cross-promotions and other hidden marketing actions? How to finish the company?

  • Launch & Finish Date Planning
  • Updates Strategy
  • Interaction With Backers
  • Interaction With Competitors
  • Special Actions During the Campaign


How to analyze metrics of the campaign? How to recognize issues, such as a lack of exposure in press, bad offer, or incorrect/unclear description of the project? How to prevent hostile actions from trolls or competitors? How to deal with the culture difference issues?

We help to resolve all such issues, preventing conflicts, eliminating hostile actions, and improving the campaign efficiency.

In addition, in case of need we provide direct links to special services vendors, such as text editors and translators, voice recording, video production, and press release writers. If you are a hardware developer, maybe you will need us to help you find a good Chinese technological production facility, component parts suppliers, technology experts, or industrial design agency.

Furthermore, if the client is willing to get an individual sales/marketing/promotion representative in the United State, especially here in the Silicon Valley, we help to find the right person for hire. Such specialist will present a project, participating in multiple local meetups, showcases, disrupts, exhibitions, hackatons and other industrial events.

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